Complaints form

You can report suspicious subject matter on the Internet using the complaints form below.

Please provide the Internet address (URL, e-Mail) of the website in question. Specify the type of misuse involved (e.g. fraud, paedophilia, hardcore pornography, spam, extremism, racism, etc.). State also when you came across the suspicious subject matter (date and time).

CYCO will send you confirmation that it has received your complaint if you provide your e-mail address. Based on this confirmation you can also send CYCO documents containing suspicious subject matter (e.g. pdf, doc, etc.). Important: Always use the same subject reference in follow-up correspondence because it is linked to the corresponding file.

Concerning prevalent and relevant phenomenons of cybercrime, we beg you kindly to browse through our news and reports (only in German, French and Italian).

In cases of threat to life or physical condition, please address yourself to the nearest police station, to the direct connect to police → tel. 117 or to the Operations Centre fedpol (e-mail).

For media inquiries please contact the media service fedpol at +41 58 463 13 10 or e-mail.

Reports concerning Facebook groups, pages or commentaries, which are not illegal and have no connection to Switzerland, do not fall in our jurisdiction.

Please report such content directly to Facebook using the “report” button on the appropriate Facebook page. The Facebook abuse team will analyse the content and take the necessary steps.

If the content in question does have a connection to Switzerland, please send your report to CYCO using the complaints form.

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